DigiPos Retail Blade 4 (RB4) – Black – Without a PSU – Used


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DigiPos Retail Blade 4 (RB4) – Black – Without a PSU – Used

The principle behind DigiPos’ Retail Blade Technology is efficiency. The Retail Blade’s chasis becomes the foundation of the system and Retail Blade motherboards are installed as required, essentially everything including the motherboard can be removed and maintained, or upgraded to the latest performance Blade part. This simple service design decreases downtime while increasing Return on Investment and eliminating the ‘Rip and Replace’ cycle, ensuring technology purchased today does not become redundant tomorrow.

The Retail Blade Retailers can place the precise level of performance needed – right where it is needed, and if requirements change, the Retail Blade simply addresses the changing requirements.


  • Easy to swap motherboard, hard drive and power supply for hassle free
  • The Retail Blade can be side-mounted, under-counter or floor mounted
  • Weights and measures approved 

Additional Information

RAM:          1GB
CPU:           Pentium 4 2.8

Please note this Unit comes without a PSU! You can buy one from our website under the following PSU250/2000-BLK-+24V/8.4A-3 PIN-USED on our Accessories & Peripherals

Condition:       Used
Colour:            Black
Warranty:        30 Days

# Please note the Item listed is a used product that has been tested & cleaned by technicians, the item will show some signs of wear… the photo is a library photo not the actual item that you will receive. 



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