Epson TM-T88V – USB + Serial, with PSU C31CA85082


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The TM-T88V is a true breakthrough in the development of POS receipt printers, and the results are better for your budget and the environment. This is most clearly demonstrated with the paper reduction function. which cuts down on waste and cost. Green credentials are further proved by this being the first thermal receipt printer to be Energy Star qualified.

Actual print speed is an impressive and efficient 300mm per second while multiple grey scale printing enables better representation of logos and graphic images. The TM-T88V works on several platforms, so it’s simple to integrate into your network and it also comes with in-built USB Interface which means easy migration to USB in the future.

This is a highly reliable and easy-to-use POS printer, but with the interest of the customer being paramount, we have included a 4-year warranty as standard.

This product meets the strict ENERGY STAR® guidelines set by the European Commission. Epson is a global manufacturer committed to protecting the environment for future generations by offering a range of ENERGY STAR® products. This is achieved by significantly reducing electricity usage, which saves energy, money and the environment, without compromising quality.

pacer for 58mm paper
*Power cable
*Power switch cover
ser manual
arranty sheet
*Paper sample
*Interface cover

Printing method: Thermal line printing
Dot density: 180 dpi × 180 dpi
Printing direction: Unidirectional with friction feed
Paper width: 80 mm or 58 mm (with paper guide installed)
Printing width: When paper width is set to 80 mm: 72 mm {2.83“}, 512 dot positions; When paper width is set to 58 mm: 50.8 mm {2“}, 360 dot positions
Characters per line (default): For 80 mm paper: Font A: 42; Font B: 56; For 58 mm paper: Font A: 30; Font B: 40
Maximum printing speed: Text printing (with embedded fonts): 300 mm/s {11.81 inch/s}; Page mode printing: 300 mm/s {11.81“/s}; Raster bit-image printing: 300 mm/s {11.81“/s}; Ladder bar code, 2 dimensional symbol printing:100 mm/s {3.94“/s}; (Printing speed may be slower depending on the data transmission speed and the combination of control commands.)

Number of characters: Alphanumeric characters: 95; Extended graphics: 128 × 43 pages (including user-defi ned page); International characters: 18 sets
Character structure: Font A: 12 × 24 (including 2-dot spacing horizontally);  Font B: 9 × 17 (including 2-dot spacing horizontally)

Cutting method: Scissors type with separated blades
Cutting type: Partial cut (cutting with one point in left edge left uncut)

Supply method: Drop-in paper roll

Paper type: Specified thermal paper
Form and size: Roll paper, the chromogenic side must face outside.
Roll paper diameter: 83 mm {3.27“} maximum
Roll paper core Inside: 12 mm {0.47“}; Outside: 18 mm {0.71“}  Width: Same as the paper width or less than paper width by 1 mm.
Take-up roll paper width: For 80 mm paper width model: 80 + 0.5/- 1.0 mm {3.15 + 0.02/- 0.04“};   For 58 mm paper width model: 58 + 0.5/- 1.0 mm {2.28 + 0.02/- 0.04“};
Paper width: For 80 mm paper width model: 79.5 ± 0.5 mm {3.13 ± 0.02“};  For 58 mm paper width model: 57.5 ± 0.5 mm {2.26 ± 0.02“}

Receive buffer: Selectable as 45 bytes or 4 KB using the DIP switch.
User-defined buffer: 12 KB (both for user-defi ned characters and user-defi ned bit images)
Macro buffer: 2 KB
NV graphics memory: 256 KB
NV user memory: 1 KB

Supply voltage: DC + 24 V ± 7%; DC Current consumption (at 24 VDC, 25°C {77°F}, normal print density); Operating: Mean: Approx. 1.8 A; Peak: Approx. 6.8 A (Font A, 42 columns); Standby: Mean approximately 0.1 A
Interfaces: Standard: cashdrawer, power supply, built-in USB and changeable serial, parallel, W-LAN, Ethernet or other interface
EMI and Safety Standards:CE marking: Directive: 2004/108/EC; EN55022 Class A; EN55024; IEC61000-4-2; IEC61000-4-3; IEC61000-4-4; IEC61000-4-5; IEC61000-4-6; IEC61000-4-11; Safety Standard: TÜV (EN609501); Conforms to International ENERGY STAR® program. (when used with Epson interface and Epson PS-180 power supply)

Thermal head: 150 million pulses, 150 km
Autocutter: 2 million cuts: Specifi ed original paper type PD150R, PD160R.
MTBF: 360,000 hours (Failure is defi ned as a random failure occurring at the time of the random failure period.)
MCBF: 70 million lines (This is an average failure interval based on failures related to wear out and random failures up to the life of 20 million lines.)

Temperature: Operating: 5 to 45°C {41 to 113°F}; Storage: – 10 to 50°C {14 to 122°F} (paper excluded)
Humidity: Operating: 10 to 90% RH; Storage: 10 to 90% RH (paper excluded)

Any questions please drop us an email as we are always happy to help.

Interface:        USB/SERIAL
Condition:       New
Colour:            Dark Grey
Warranty:        4 yrs RTB (Return To Base)



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