ForPos FP-100 Standard Cash Drawer 24 Volt in Black


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Key Features

  • In house powder coating
  • Various solenoid and connector available on request
  • Metal T-note clips
  • 4 bills, 8 coin slots and 1 cheque slot
  • 8 key Lock combinations available
  • Lockable lid available
  • Removable inner coin tray
  • Micro switch available

Product Overview – FP-100

The FP-100 is a quality, dependable cash drawer that is cost effective and a standard choice for most ForPOS bundles. FP-100 is robust and ideal for most retail, hospitality, charities and leisure environments.

The FP-100 cash drawer has an aluminium rail with nylon wheel release type. Featuring metal T-note clips (metal wire grippers available on request), 1 cheque slot, 4 bills, 8 coin compartments, a removable inner coin tray insert and 8 key lock combinations. Spare key sets are available for various key lock combinations. Lockable lids and inserts are available for security. This cash drawer can be mounted under a counter top to maximize counter space. Under counter mounting brackets are available.

The connector cable exits from the top of the cash drawer at the back and is 1.5M. EPSON RJ-12-6 Pins (solenoid: 2&4, Micro-Switch 3&6, Earth: 1 Removed: 5).

Cash drawers are available in 12V (powers via terminal) or 24V (powers via printer). Available in black or white. If you require a White Cash Draw please contact us at or call 0787 474 343.

A variety of cash drawer models are available to meet your specific requirements, with a wide range of size, style and colour.

Dimensions: 410mm (W) x 415mm (D) x 100mm (H)

Weight: 6.8kg

Any questions please drop us an email as we are always happy to help.

Condition:       New
Colour:            Black 
Warranty:        1 Yr RTB (Return to Base)



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